Artificial intelligence definition with applications

Artificial intelligence With Human Interaction
Artificial intelligence With Human Interaction

Definition of Artificial Intelligence

Technology is booming at a faster rate day by day. Some decade ago, computers were rare but as time passed, new innovation in research and development occurred and new ideas has been discussed. If we look at different functions of smart phone, tablets and computer these days, they are so modern, complex and intelligent and we wonders how it happened. So here comes the significance of word Artificial intelligence (AI). What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial intelligence is a modern approach and science of making machines and software think like intelligent human. Definition of AI can also be visualised using the images given below. Scientist, inventors and researchers are trying to use the effectiveness of human brain in a better way and are artificially developing such system which has a huge amount of applications.

Artificial intelligence definition with applications
Artificial environment brain

Artificial intelligence definition with applications2
Human And Machine Bonding

Artificial Intelligence tries to accomplish following two major points

  1. Making machines think and act like intelligent humans: Artificial Intelligence (AI) research focuses on how human think and neuron work. Researchers tries to incorporate human’s logical, intellectual and decision taking ability in machines, computer programs and software.
  2. Training machines to serve as a useful hand to humanity: One of the most important reasons for developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) lies in this goal. Today robots are trained to work in mines and programming dangerous operation using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machines are trained to forecast future prediction, speech recognition, character recognition, performing action by hearing human voice and many more. All of these are achieved with aim of serving humans in a better way and saving humanity from unpredictable threats, thus preserving economy in broader sense.

What is Artificial Intelligence and its approach is query of many people. It comes from psychology to mathematics, neuron science, sociology, computer science and biology. Artificial intelligence a modern approach or machine learning is different from human thinking and perceiving ability like superiority of human lies in the fact that if any part of object is missing even then we could recognise the object accurately which is missing in machines but still is very demanding and find its applications in following sectors:

  • It has made lot of development in different sectors like finance, healthcare, education and transport.
  • Artificial Intelligence, a modern approach has made a deep impact in serving people e.g University of California launched centre of artificial intelligence in society which aims to find people who are homeless using satellite in ages.
  • It is used in an operation division centre to provide all sort of assistance to pilot during their flights and handle typical situation like weather changing.
  • Difficult problems in computer science has been solved with the aid of AI and has become an integral part of this engineering subject.
  • Education: Artificial Intelligence is used in education sector in the form of intelligent tutoring system. Its use in this sector is not very common because of lack of funding and a doubt in the effectiveness of its power and tools. But we have various examples to justify it like SHERLOCK (ITS) which teaches Air force technicians how to deal with electrical problem in aircraft. Another example is using robots for teaching and industrial purpose. Because of high cost robots are used rarely.
  • Intelligent transport technologies: It is a technology which found its application in car navigation, traffic signal control system, automatic number plate reorganisation, vehicle tracking, and vehicle following behaviour. All of these need intelligent programs or machines to perform its working.
  • Finance: Many rich investor uses AI complex model to perform automatic trading without any human intervention.
  • Stock marketing: Stock marketing is another area where Artificial intelligence a modern technology is used to predict future use or delay in stock using today’s data.
  • Medical application (AI in diagnosing disease): AI through machine learning can be used to detect some serious like cancer and tumour at early stage and further assist in diagnosing them from internet finding. Google has used machine learning to detect diabetes.
  • Betting system: Betting on various subjects can be performed using statistical approach of Artificial intelligence. 

From the above applications one can say that though Artificial intelligence has widespread application but its use and implementation is limited because of finding huge investment. Since every coin has two sides in the same way this will hold true for AI also. Machines do not possess original creativity which is possessed by human being  but if Artificial intelligence is used and developed. in a constructive way, it can serve as a useful tool to eradicate poverty and hunger from human race. But on the other side if machines are trained for destruction of human for some evil purpose or if these get trained by some evil minded people, it can harm society and this area needs to be considered seriously. AI is a growing area which is future of world like google has pointed out that machine learning is the future. From my perspective, one should look at brighter and optimistic side while improving darker side.



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    • Ofcourse, day is not far when robotics become part of humans and artificial intelligence will come in most spheres of working. If I am not wrong, in one of the bank of india much of the work is done by robots.

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  • Alan Turning is coined as father of Artificial Intelligence
    IBM has created a supercomputer Watson based on artificial intelligence and it was recently successful in teaching people how to cook
    South arabia has became the first country to grant robot sophia citizenship.
    Sophia is Dr. David Hanson creation. Dr David is the founder of Hanson Robotics

    With Regards
    AI Sangam

    • Your way of representation and predicting the content is effective and quite amazing.

      With regards

  • Did you ever notice that Most AI is female. I am giving you the example of Siri, Cortana. One of the interesting fact that I am mentioning here is that robots can build themselves. It is also possible that in the coming year AI will surpass human intelligence level. Now moving towards SGI Altix supercomputer called Nautilus. Nautilus is one of the great invention which could predict future. For example it was able to predict where Osama bin Laden was hiding within 125 miles

    With Regards
    Cool Dude

  • With reference to Altix, these are the series of server computers and super computers produced by silicon Graphics. They uses intel processors

    With Regards
    Cool Dude

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