Famous food items of India

Famous food items of India

India is a country with oldest civilizations in the world. It is 7th largest country with unique culture. It derives its strength from simplicity and unity of different states. All states of India have their own tradition and speciality. Coming towards Indian food there are a lot of Famous food items of India. Today many food chains are replacing Indian food and we have forgotten our own famous Indian dishes. Here I am giving small touch to Indian food item from all states of India. These Indian dishes are so delicious that your mouth will be watered. If you are going to any trip or business tour, you can enjoy different foods from different states of India. So starting from North India, I am going to introduce you with famous Indian dishes or Indian Buffet covering all states of India. Following are states explained with best Indian food images so that you can come to know about them.

1. Kashmir: One of the Famous food items of India and kashmir’s special dish is TabakMaaz. It is commonly enjoyed at wedding banquets and celebrations. It is made with lamb ribs, lamb chops, cayenne pepper, fennel seed, cloves and bay leaves. Spices and salt are added according to taste.

Famous Food Items of India
Tabak Maaz, Indian food

2. Himachal Pradesh: Sidu, the famous food item in Himachal Pradesh. It is made with kneaded wheat flour stuffed with grinded mixture of groundnut, cabbage and spices. Cooked in steam and served with ghee or green chutney. It is one of the best Indian dishes served in Himachal specially.

Famous Food Items of India
Sidu, Indian food item

3. Punjab: Makki roti and sarso ka saag is an Indian food item famous in Punjab. Sarso ka saag is made from mustard leaves with a special tempering with Indian spices. Makki ki roti is made from corn flour. Combination of both is served with butter as an Indian Buffet.

Famous Food Items of India
Makki roti and sarso ka saag one of the best Indian food item

4. Haryana: Kadhi Pkoda is a well-known Indian food served in all over India. It is one of the best famous food items of India. It is made with gram flour and yogurt. After being tempered it is boiled for much to enhance its taste. It is served with rice. Most of time it is included in Indian Buffet.

Famous Food Items of India
Kadi pkoda, served in all states of india

5. Rajasthan: Food of Rajasthan is inspired from war like atmosphere in past. Scarcity of water and green vegetation has a great impact on its cooking lifestyle which differ it from all states of India.  Usually you can find some extra oil in their cooking items because of its climatic conditions. Ker-Sangri is one of the favourite dish and it can stay fresh for approximately 3 days without refrigerator. Its ingredients include berries, dried beans, oil, cumin seeds and coriander powder. Addition of Spices and salt varies from person to person.

Famous Food Items of India
Indian food item, Ker Sangri

6. Uttrakhand: Kafuli is a dish loved by locals of Uttrakhand. It is made with green vegetables and green chilies after blending them.  Tempered to add spices and then rice powder is added. After 10 minutes of slow heat it can be served with rice or roti in addition ghee is also added. It is nutritious and exotic dish. Such Indian dishes are also prescribed by doctor as it is made in iron karahi which is good for health.

Kafuli, Indian food item

   7. Uttar Pradesh: Shami Kebab is eaten as a snack. It is made of mint or coriander and stuffed with fine chopped onion and green chilli. It is so smooth and fine to eat. It is served with sauce, garlic sauce, raita or chutney. Indian food item which can be a great side dish with chicken.

Famous Food Items of India
Shami Kebab

8. Madhya Pradesh: Bhutte ki kheer is famous in Madhya Pradesh. It is creamy and delectable sweetcorn kheer. Corn is grated and then it is added in the hot ghee and cooked for some time. At last milk and dry fruits are added in it.

Famous Food Items of India
Bhutte ki kheer

9. Chhattisgarh: It has a diverse culture legacy and inhabits tribal tradition. Favorite chutney so called chaprah is made from red ants including their eggs. This chutney spells sharp and adds natural spices which gives unique taste.

Famous Food Items of India
Red Ant Chutney

These are some Famous food items of India, in my next blog I am going to cover next states and their special dishes.


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