Artificial Intelligence in Marketting

The Rise of AI technology in Marketing and Branding

The Rise of AI technology in Marketing and Branding
The Rise of AI technology in Marketing and Branding

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Do you remember Wall E, the adorable animated robot who won the hearts of millions of young and old alike? If the answer is yes, you surely know artificial intelligence has carved a special place in our cultural and popular imagination. While the birth of artificial intelligence started in laboratories and scientific arenas, it has quickly evolved and entered into our homes and daily lives. Naturally, this great technological advancement is now a part and parcel of our collective existence and the one of the greatest creations of human civilization.

Marketing and branding has taken this invention in its stride. The rising use of chatbot, voice technologies and various other smart devices are now intrinsically connected to consumer activity. From small scale businesses to large corporations. Every aspect of the commercial sector is in one form or the other reaping the benefits of AI technology.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the face of marketing both digital and otherwise. The most exciting part of this innovative phenomenon is that it is happening in our lifetime. We are the lucky generation who are witnessing its rise to prominence with our own eyes.

Fact Check: in the year 2018, 84% of marketing organizations implemented or expanded AI and machine learning. — CapGemini

Introducing the Future: Martech

If you are planning on not being ousted out of social relevance by competitors, who are swiftly adapting to AI technology, it is time you step into the technocratic market without further ado. One of the biggest transformative phases of the 21st century is the blending of marketing and technology. This is “Martech”.

In today’s internet age, virtually every digital marketer is dealing with martech. The term “martech” implies major initiatives, efforts and tools that harness technology to seamlessly achieve business objectives and conquer goals.

It’s not just brands and marketers who are adopting AI. Consumers too are letting go of their initial hesitancy and embracing AI with much enthusiasm. It is, therefore, the perfect time to go on this ground-breaking foray. If you are someone who takes cues from changing times, the role of AI in marketing is hard to ignore. Just like the humans in Wall E, we have embarked on an unforgettable journey to bond with humanity’s greatest invention in the 21st century. Therefore, be aware of the fact that the slower you are on the uptake to harness the power of AI, the bigger your chance of falling into irrelevance.

Tread with Caution

Do you remember Skynet from The Terminator? Then you must have some trepidation before putting all your faith in Artificial Intelligence. It is without doubt an over exaggerated and blown out or proportion horror that a lot of us feel towards AI.

One of the major misgivings that people have about AI is the possibility of loss of jobs that might arise due to the rising competency of machine learning. While we all feel insecure in our abilities from time to time. The idea of machines taking over humanity, however, is nothing short of hilarious. Men who created these machines, can they really be lorded over by them? International bestseller, Neil Gaiman laughed at this notion too in an interview where he was asked this question.

But the question is a persistent one and doubts about machine learning have crept up from time to time. With increasing research and study, the science behind AI and Machine Learning is becoming more advanced day by day. It is truly a remarkable thing in the history of humanity. But if you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, then fair enough, tread cautiously. Take small steps and learn the AI tech first hand through your own experience.

Learn the Possibilities

Let us see in brief, how AI is revolutionizing Digital Marketing.

Automated Content Generation

Brands are rapidly merging the art of creating and curating content with AI powered technology. This is the initiation towards AI integrated source of ROI for brands. While the initial attempts at AI generated content were not satisfactory, their accuracy has since improved exponentially. Automated content software optimizes content creation. This is done by relegating smaller tasks like churning out social media posts, news stories, reports, etc. AI tech is also being used for searching and choosing content for your audience and scaling up your content curation process through automation. This is proving to be a cost effective way to save time and resources and focus on other aspects of business plan.

Fact Check: Global brands like Stylist, The Washington Post and Forbes are the forebears of this innovation. They are already publishing content partly created through AI technology such as Heliograph, Aarticoolo, etc.

Customer Service Chatbots

Brands are using chatbots to communicate to customers in real time. By automating the responses to FAQs, potential buyers looking for products and services are served immediately. Bots use machine learning, semantic recognition, language processing and voice conversion technology. This helps to respond correctly to customers’ queries and grievances. While manual customer support is more personalized, it has many humane restrictions as they cannot offer support outside of office hours. On the flip side, chatbots cater 24/7. AI is that wonder customer service agent that has no need to eat, sleep or rest. AI can overcome language barriers easily. AI bots can also provide one-to-all service.

Fact Check: Travel services like Make My Trip and retailers such as ShopClues are using chatbots through applications like Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.

AR/VR Application

AI technology is reaching new heights with new visual technologies such as AR and VR. Altered reality is thereby bringing new consumption experiences. Blending artificial intelligence with AR/VR revitalizes the consumption experience of customers. This also promotes brand awareness. Brands are generating a greater sense of loyalty from their customer base, especially amidst Millennials and GenZ who are more proactive new tech-based experiences.

A lot of creative and interesting ways of interacting with and learning about a brand are arising with this innovative use of AI.

Fact Check: Coca-Cola combined AI and Augmented reality (AR) by overlaying computer graphics over a user’s real-world view using glasses or a headset within a number of its bottling plants.

Search Engine Optimization

E-commerce sites, search engines, and international brands are optimizing their site traffic by integrating AI into their systems. Digital markers are utilizing AI to enhance SEO. It is a win-win situation as, using AI for SEO involves both text and voice searches. According to experts, more customers are using voice search. AI has become more relevant due to this phenomenon. Another important aspect that is brought about by the integration of AI is in the realm of customer analysis. AI can recognize past activity of customers through shopping and browsing history to work out what a searcher wants! Brands are thereby able to optimize existing content to rank higher. This resolves the huge manual task for marketers. Since, AI can extract data insights at scale in real time; it is finally getting the due it deserves in terms of SEO.


AI in simple terms is the science of making machines intelligent. A lot of digital marketers are bringing utterly creative and intelligent ways to adopt AI. However, the reasons for apprehensions towards AI can also be broadly different. From a lack of understanding of new technologies, to a fear of loss of human labour requirement as the machines keep getting smarter. However, one thing is certain, the knowledge about AI and its role in business is very important in order to stay relevant. This is especially crucial because customers are already adopting AI.

AI is an integral part of Martech and is becoming more accessible every day with increasing research and development in this field. World renowned personalities like Sundar Pichai and Neil Patel have given their expert advice on how AI is here to support and optimize human efforts.

Don’t let anything keep you from adopting this great scientific boon and risk lagging behind.

Welcome AI into your digital marketing strategy and let the techno-magic unfold.

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