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About on page seo

About on page seo
About on page seo


  • How on page SEO is done?
  • Why is On Page SEO necessary for an article?
  • What does on Page SEO mean?

If you are a blogger and your page is not showing in the first page in Google search engine, then first of all you have to know about SEO. By SEO mean Search Engine Optimisation. Along with this, you also have to know what is On Page SEO and why it is necessary for a blogger from on page how to do On Page SEO. Here we will tell you about the factors related to On Page SEO.

So let us first know what SEO is. Whenever a blogger posts his article in the search engine of Google or any website, he wants more and more people to see his page. More people come to his page so that he can become more popular and the more people see the page, the better he earns.

But now it comes to how the page will rank on the first page in the search engine. So the answer is an SEO based article. If we write SEO based articles then our page will also show in the first page in the search engine and more people will also see it.

Now the question comes to how this SEO based article is written. So for writing SEO based articles it is necessary for us to keep many things in mind. These things include choosing keywords, putting featured images in your article, choosing titles, and using paragraphs in the article. The use of main heading and sub heading and writing high quality, unique articles is also important for SEO based articles.

Types of SEO. (1) On-page-seo, (2) Off-page-seo, (3) Technical Seo.

To rank our web page in the first page of the search engine, whatever changes we make in our blog, we call that activities on page seo. On page seo is such a key that makes a blog successful by ranking it in Google’s search engine. When we optimise any individual page to get high ranking on the website so that more and more people can come to it, that is called page seo. It works on the internal post of any site.

On page SEO mainly optimises content, URL, table, description, keyword density, sub headings, tags, content-length, internal links etc. Why is on page seo most important for an article? If even after writing the post well in any website, more people do not visit, then on-page seo is very important to publish it. It is impossible to get traffic to the website without doing the process of on page seo.

In any search engine, we do not rank our blog directly, but whatever content we write to publish in the blog, rank them and the whole blog benefits from the post coming in the first page of the search engine of Google. This process of on page seo not only increases traffic to the blog but also increases page authority and domain authority.

Everything related to the blog benefits from this. If you have good page level optimisation, then it does not take long for your blog to rank on the first page of the search engine because such posts which are page level optimisation i.e. high quality content posts, in which readers spend more time.

A perfectly page level optimised content becomes search engine friendly as well as user friendly. In this way on page seo is very important for a blog.

How to do On Page SEO:-

let us know what has to be done inside the block to do On Page SEO. It has the first important point:-

  • post title:– it is most important to write a post title on on page SEO. When we use the right keywords in our post title then it is perfectly optimised in search engines. So we should choose the right keyword.
  • Permalink:- just as its correct title is important for on page posts, similarly permalink plays an important role in on page seo. Permalink should always be kept short in the post and use your main keyword in it.
  • Meta description:- After title and permalink, the most important on page seo has meta description. By using it well, we can easily rank our posts. Meta description in your post should be 150-170 words. Meta description should be SEO optimised so that readers can get everything they are looking for in the information.
  • Use of heading and subheading:– We have to use heading and sub heading to make our page well in search engines. Using it makes it easy for the readers to understand. You should also put your focus keyword in the heading. By using H1, H2, H3, H4 heading and subheading, you can optimise on page SEO in the right way.
  • Image optimisation :- it is also very important for us to use images to attract visitors to our posts. With a properly optimised image, visitors understand that they will get the information here. On page seo makes seo friendly images very strong.

Use of useful words in content:- we should use only correct and unique words in our post so that readers do not feel bored while reading. We should not use redundant words to make the content bigger.

Length of content :- Having 2000 words in the post, the chances of getting ranked in the first page are very high, but its quality should also be good. These words should be such that they give complete information to the reader. If you are not able to write 2000 words then you must write at least 1000 words.

Use of SEO friendly URL :- We should use SEO friendly URL in our post so that it can show in search engines quickly.

Optimise the blog with right and long keywords :- whatever content we are going to write on our blog post, then we have to use the perfect keyword in it. Have content related to the same keyword, which gets good traffic by optimising in the search engine. Using long keywords is the best method of content optimisation.

Improving the loading speed of blog :- if your post opens quickly in search engines, then visitors do not have to wait and your post is more crowded. That is why the loading speed of the blog should be improved as much as possible. With the help of G T Matrix or Google page speed inside tools, we can easily do on page seo by checking it and improving the area of yellow colour in it. Site loading speed should not exceed 0.10s.

In this way, we can rank our post on the first page in the search engine of Google or any other website by following all the above mentioned processes. We can make our posts good only through on-page SEO.

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