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Where to place a Gautama Buddha statue at home?

Where to place a Gautama Buddha statue at home?
Where to place a Gautama Buddha statue at home?

The Buddha is regarded as a representation of peace and enlightenment across the world since he is the Great Lama and the founder of Buddhism. It’s common for homes to include a brass Buddha statue for aesthetic and religious reasons. No matter what kind of religion you favor, having a Buddha statue in your residence will only bring good energy. Positioning the Buddha statues in accordance with Vastu principles might increase these advantages even further. Furthermore, according to Vastu, brass is a pious metal and a source of positive energy.

The rich cultural significance of the Buddha

Throughout the sixth century BC, the traveling monk Siddhartha Gautama established Buddhism in Southeast Asia. The Buddha devoted his entire life to figuring out what it means to be alive, why humans are here, and how we may become gods. According to legend, he eventually discovered the Universal Truth of Life, which he then transmitted to his Buddhist pupils. Over the years, a great number of individuals have been profoundly impacted by the Buddha’s life and teachings. Siddhartha Gautama is revered as a great thinker in the West despite being venerated as a deity in the East.

Buddha statues are incredibly popular antiques in the Southeast. They’re frequently utilized in homes and temples to bring divinity into the spaces and lives of individuals around them. They’re frequently fashioned of brass, gold, or other analogous metals. In the past, the four fundamental poses for Buddha statues were sitting, standing, sleeping, and reclining. The diverse postures of the Buddha stand for varied spiritual connotations. Buddhist temples frequently have four Buddha statues, one in each of the four fundamental stances. Buddha statues are favored by antique collectors because of their extensive historical relevance.

Brass Buddha statues have many benefits for your home or workplace

  • As per Vastu Shastra, the main portion of your home or the welcoming area should have a Shakyamuni Buddha statue to encourage peace and harmony. Gautama Buddha is seen seated with both palms resting on his raised right knee in the Shakyamuni Buddha, often referred to as the Nirvana Buddha. Under his sloping, gently tilted head are his hands. In this position, the Buddha is supposed to be sleeping. It stands for peace and harmony throughout ages. If you place it in the middle of your home, it is said to promote harmony.

  • According to legend, Siddhartha Gautama spent a lot of time meditating in order to acquire celestial wisdom. Asian civilizations, especially Buddhist societies, place a great priority on meditation. Meditation has long been thought to strengthen our link to our inner selves. Because of developments in neurobiology, specialists in the West have discovered that meditation has significant benefits for our brains. It promotes consciousness and facilitates reflection. Many individuals now opt to meditate before a Buddha statue because of the cultural links between meditation with the Buddhist icon. Concentration and attention issues are eliminated through meditation. The northeastern corner is the ideal location for a Buddha statue, as said by Vastu Shastra, in order to foster a focus on life.

  • Buddha sculptures that display the renowned Abhaya mudra symbolize courage. It is stated that the Buddha would shield humanity from the problems of the world if he raised his arm in the Abhaya mudra. According to the laws of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, positioning a Buddha statue in the Abhaya mudra close to your home’s main door can shield you from harm. Additionally, it is claimed that placing a Buddha statue in this location may correct any Vastu flaws that may exist in your home.

  • Having been born amidst royalty and shielded from life’s difficulties, it is stated that Siddhartha was deeply troubled by the disease and decay he saw around him when he was a child. He gave up his comfortable lifestyle and embarked on the quest as a hermit in quest of the most effective salvation from illness and agony. Buddha sculptures frequently have one hand holding a bowl of therapeutic plants. There is a claim that these sculptures are therapeutic. Long lives and excellent health are granted to those who worship the Buddha of health for relief from illnesses. Vastu advises placing a sculpture of a healer Buddha in a space with ample natural light and a northeast-facing wall to ward off illness.

  • Buddha-head sculptures are one type of Buddha statue that is widely found in homes. Sculptures of the Buddha are kept in homes, not just for their stunning visual appeal but also to invoke blessings for mental peace and well health. Vastu states that placing a Buddha head in a home’s north or east direction would be very advantageous for the occupants’ mental health.

  • Buddha’s Vitarka mudra is considered a symbol of wisdom. The Vitarka mudra, which is comparable to the Boomisparsha and Abhaya mudras, is one of the five famous mudras employed by the Buddha to symbolize the pursuit of knowledge. A Buddha statue in the Vitarka mudra placed on your workstation at school, or the library, according to Vastu Shastra, will aid your attempts to succeed in both your academic and career undertakings. The figure must face east in order to have the best Vastu benefits.


We will end by looking at several ways you might use a Buddha statue in the house to get a variety of advantages. Placing a brass buddha statue helps usher harmony to homes, disposes of crises and diseases, helps in being mindful and attaining good mental health, protects the space from evil energy, and helps achieve success and all your personal goals. It does ultimately depend on you to have faith and have a good life, but the Buddha guides you spiritually on that path. Whether or not you adhere to Vastu Shastra, a Buddha statue is unquestionably a wonderful decoration for your home. Classic Buddha statues are really lovely and can quickly liven up any nook or corner of your house or place of business owing to their many positions.

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