Who Are The Main Characters In Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels?

This is a poster for Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. The poster art copyright is believed to belong to the distributor of the film, United Kingdom: Universal Pictures PolyGram Filmed Entertainment United States: Gramercy Pictures, the publisher of the film or the graphic artist.
This is a poster for Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. The poster art copyright is believed to belong to the distributor of the film, United Kingdom: Universal Pictures PolyGram Filmed Entertainment United States: Gramercy Pictures, the publisher of the film or the graphic artist.

Lock, inventory, and 2 Smoking Barrels is a 1998 British crime comedy movie written and directed by using man Ritchie. The film features an ensemble solid of characters concerned with an excessive-stakes heist. right here is a top-level view of the main characters:


Eddie (performed by Nick Moran) is the protagonist of the movie. He convinces his 3 friends to pool their cash collectively to shop for some marijuana they could later sell for a profit. 

however, when Eddie loses all their cash in a rigged card game, he and his pals need to discover a way to pay back the debt every week. Eddie comes up with a diagram to rob a small-time gang.


Tom (played by Jason Flemyng), better known as “Bacon”, is one of Eddie’s three friends who agrees to Eddie’s plan to buy marijuana. 

Bacon is a drug dealer and hustler. He is greedy and always looking to make a quick buck. When Eddie loses Bacon’s share of the money, Bacon is furious and demands Eddie pay him back.


Soap (played by Dexter Fletcher) is the second friend in Eddie’s group. He is more level-headed than Bacon and Eddie. Soap reluctantly agrees to give Eddie his share of the money. 

When the heist goes wrong, Soap tries to clean up the mess and get everyone’s money back. He often has to play referee between Eddie and Bacon.


Tom (played by Jason Statham) is the third friend in Eddie’s group. He is a professional card sharp and gambler. Tom provides the bulk of the cash for the marijuana buy. 

When Eddie loses the money, Tom uses his conman skills to help Eddie repay the debt. He remains level-headed in the face of chaos.

Hatchet Harry

Hatchet Harry (played by P.H. Moriarty) is the head of a crime syndicate. Harry lends Eddie’s group the money to buy the marijuana. 

After they can not pay him again in time, he sends his two hitmen, Barry and Gary, to collect the debt. Harry is ruthless and can prevent nothing from getting his cash again.

Barry And Gary

Barry (played by Lenny McLean) and Gary (played by Vas Blackwood) are the hitmen who work for Hatchet Harry. 

They are tasked with recovering Harry’s money from Eddie and his friends. Barry is intimidating and short-tempered. Gary is more level-headed. The two sometimes clash when carrying out Harry’s orders.

Rory Breaker

Rory Breaker (played by Vas Blackwood) is a ruthless gangster with a reputation for violence. When Eddie robs Rory’s gang to get the money to pay back Harry, Rory swears vengeance. He will not stop until he hunts Eddie down.

Other low-level gang members appear, like real-life criminals Dave Courtney and Jake Abraham.

Nick The Greek

Nick the Greek (played by Steven Mackintosh) runs the illegal gambling den where Eddie loses all his money in a card game. 

Nick works with Hatchet Harry and rigs the game against Eddie so that Harry can collect on the debt. Smooth-talking Nick represents the seedy criminal underworld that Eddie gets pulled into.


Winston (played by Alan Ford) is Eddie’s father’s right-hand man. A criminal who spends time in jail, Winston helps Eddie out with weapons and advice when he decides to rob Rory Breaker’s gang. He offers a criminal’s perspective on Eddie’s various problems.

Other Supporting Characters

In addition to the main characters, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels features a cast of supporting characters including:

  • Plank – Eddie’s landlord who gets caught up in the chaos. Played by Steve Sweeney.
  • Big Chris – A hired enforcer working for Hatchet Harry. Played by Vinnie Jones.
  • Little Chris – Big Chris’s driver. Played by Peter McNicholl.
  • Harry’s Goons – The various henchmen who work for Hatchet Harry.
  • Dog – Barry’s violent partner who helps hunt down Eddie’s crew.
  • JD – The weed dealer whom Eddie buys from and later robs. He was played by Peter Chelsom.
  • Eddie’s Dad – An old con man whom Eddie goes to for help. Played by Sting.

Why The Characters Are So Memorable

What makes the characters in Lock, Stock so iconic and memorable is how colorful, funny, and distinct each one is:

  • The characters span from working-class blokes like Eddie and his friends to hardened gangsters like Hatchet Harry and Rory Breaker.
  • Their unique slang, accents, and mannerisms bring the British criminal underworld to life.
  • The characters’ competency varies wildly – from ruthless pros to bumbling amateurs. This dynamic comic energy permeates the film.
  • The quick dialogue and banter between characters** like Soap and Bacon have become iconic.
  • Despite being criminals, many of the characters are quite likable, plucky underdogs as they hatch elaborate schemes.

Guy Ritchie’s adept writing and direction bring together this motley crew of characters as they clash, bumble, and hustle in hysterical ways. The diverse personalities playing off each other is the heart of what makes Lock, Stock so funny and rewatchable. You want to see what chaos this eccentric group gets up to next.


In summary, while Lock, Stock has many characters, the core group consists of:

  • Eddie – The protagonist who loses the money and kicks off the plot. A likable hustler in over his head. Jake Abraham makes a brief cameo as a bar patron in the opening scene.
  • Bacon, Soap, and Tom – Eddie’s friends who provide the cash and support his schemes. A criminal Three Musketeers.
  • Hatchet Harry – The ruthless crime boss who loans the money. The terrifying figure everyone is afraid to cross.
  • Barry and Gary – Harry’s bumbling hitmen tasked with recovering the cash.
  • Nick the Greek – Runs the poker game that sinks Eddie. The shady underworld gatekeeper.

These colorful characters cruising through criminal London and getting into misadventures are why Lock, Stock became such a beloved hit and influential gangster comedy. Their unpredictable antics and banter make for a wildly entertaining film about friends, debts, and big payoffs gone wrong.

Who Is The Main Protagonist Of Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels? 

Eddie loses the money in a poker game.

Which Ruthless Crime Boss Loans The Money To Eddie And Demands It Back? 

Hatchet Harry, sends his hitmen after Eddie.

Which Hot-Tempered Gangster Seeks Vengeance When Eddie Robs Him? 

Rory Breaker swears revenge on Eddie for the robbery.


Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels” features a diverse ensemble cast, but its main characters include Eddy (played by Nick Moran), Tom (played by Jason Flemyng), Soap (played by Dexter Fletcher), and Bacon (played by Jason Statham). 

The film weaves a complex narrative involving these four friends and their entanglement in the London criminal underworld. 

The ensemble cast’s performances contribute to the film’s darkly comedic and fast-paced storytelling, making it a standout in British cinema.

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