Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting selfawarenesshub. We respect our each visitor and their privacy is important for us. Our Privacy Policy is a part of Terms of Conditions. Terms of Conditions and Privacy Policy both are applied on our visitors. Users who visit our website consents to our Privacy Policy.

What we collect?

  • We collect user’s Personally identifiable information which includes account ID, passwords, gender, name, email and other personal information. This Privacy Policy describes about collection, use, storage, disclosure records and history of visitors.  All these collection are maintained by us and kept as secret.
  • If you are our registered user we may collect information such as cache, cookie, browsing history, IP collection and proper track of devices.
  • No one is allowed to disclose or access this information except our team, unless any legal activity is required.
  • Cookies may be used to recognise our frequent users.
  • We can mail you for feedback purpose or inviting you to our website.
  • We may contact you for getting client/ customer/ visitor’s related information.
  • Our website may include links to another website or applications.
  • For your information not to be used for analytics, you can browse Google analytic browser add-on.
  • An analytics can also identify you under Google Analytics Terms of Use and Google Privacy Policy.

User’s personal information will be used only for specific, feedback and marketing purpose. So that after knowing user’s interest we can give content according to visitors choice.

Third party role: Third party advertising companies have right to use our website user’s Personally identifiable information and cookies.

They may use cookies of visitor to check user’s kind of interest in advertisement. So that they can provide advertisements according to user’s interest.

We do not monitor any websites, advertisements, or other media linked to our site and are not responsible for the content of any such third party advertisements. We do not take responsibility of products of third party.

They may check the frequent visitor of our website.

User rights: Any user have right to read our blogs and gain some knowledge. This is a blog related  to self awareness and latest technologies related things. But all the content is copyright reserved by us. You can not use our content for your publicity. As we will claim for it.

  • Also if user does not want to allow their cookies, they have the right ti disable cookie permission anytime from their browser settings.
  • Information collected by us is our duty to set private and not to disclose to any unrelated person. We will disclose this personal information for legal activities only.

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