What Makes Natural Handmade Soaps Skin-Friendly?

What Makes Natural Handmade Soaps Skin-Friendly?
What Makes Natural Handmade Soaps Skin-Friendly?

Health is something we all are passionate about nowadays, specifically after COVID-19. Gradually, it has become our topmost priority to keep it in good condition. After all, health is wealth. This is why people are moving towards natural things more than ever. Be it food items or beauty products, we all look for the ingredients if they are safe or not. When it comes to soaps, natural handmade soaps have become the talk of the town. Since they do not contain any harsh or harmful chemicals, they do not affect the skin at all. This is one of the biggest reasons why more and more people are shifting to natural handmade soaps by Divineshree.

In case you are also interested and willing to give a try to these soaps, you can check out the following reasons to know what these are the best and most effective solutions for your skin, irrespective of the season. Let us get started!

  • Paraben free

Before we talk about the qualities, you should know what paraben means. This is nothing but a group of certain chemicals that are added to cosmetic items. They are added so that the shelf life of the beauty item can be increased. But when it comes to effects on our health, they are not good at all for our skin if they are used for a longer period. When you use paraben-based items on your skin for longer, they will make your skin swollen, cracked, broken, and even cause rashes. In addition to this, premature aging is one of the biggest drawbacks of paraben-based items. Talking about handmade soaps, they are free from any paraben. Hence, they will not have a long shelf life but they will not affect your skin at all.

  • Glycerine

A saponification byproduct, glycerine is an element that can keep your skin soft and moisturized. Today, most soap makers have removed it from their offerings and selling it as a separate product. This is why when you use regular baths or skincare soap, your skin becomes dry and rough. Since a soap should be gentle on your skin, it must have glycerine. When you want such soaps, you can use the handmade natural soaps by Divineshree. Additionally, these are the soaps that can clean your skin and keep it moisturized at the same time.

  • Good for nature

Apart from your skin, natural soaps are also good for the environment. Why? This is because they do not contain any chemicals just like conventional soaps. Natural handmade soaps contain natural oils and other natural elements such as flowers, herbs, clay, plant leaves, and so on. This makes handmade soaps 100% biodegradable. By switching to natural soaps, you can also contribute a little to keep our environment safe.

  • Loaded with therapeutic effects

We all know that life is very hectic now. Due to excessive work pressure, we all feel stressed. Since it is quite hard to take out some time for detoxing, taking a bath with a natural soap such as tulsi and neem soap will make your skin healthy and happy. In addition to this, the sweet yet refreshing aroma of these soaps will help you get that ‘necessary’ calming effect while or after a bath. You can also get several other options such as almond oil, charcoal, turmeric, etc. to avail of the therapeutic effects.

  • No chemical-based foam boosters

Almost everyone loves those bubbly lather baths. However, you should know that these bubbles form due to different types of synthetic or chemical-based foam boosters. Sometimes these soaps contain detergents and lathering agents for those beautiful-looking bubbles. Since they are not a good option for the skin, they can affect the natural suppleness and glow when used regularly. If you want to maintain the right pH level of the skin, you can try out the natural handmade soaps by Divineshree. Here, you will find different types that can make your skin naturally beautiful.

  • Higher amount of antioxidants

Are you searching for a soap that can reverse the effects caused by due constant use of chemical-based products? If yes, then you can try the latest range of naturally made soaps. By using the right soap, you can actually reverse the damage done by chemical-based soaps and other beauty products. In addition to this, you can also reduce irritation, redness, itchiness, etc. on the skin through handmade soaps. Thanks to the antioxidants available in these soaps. The best thing about these soaps is that they are also safe for kids.


Some people think that soap should last longer. However, this is the time to think about health rather than any other aspect. And, natural soaps are just perfect for the wellness of the skin. Lastly, you must give a try to the natural soaps by Divineshree if you have developed some skin issues due to chemical and toxin-based products. However, you are also advised to consult your dermatologist before trying anything directly on your skin.

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