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Food Astrology: Foods for Each Planet and Zodiac Sign

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This is how food astrology works. You also say in your food that it is connected to all the planets in one way or the other. And according to Health Prediction, each food item has concrete potential to change your luck and fortune. So, what you eat blesses you with healthy well-being and improves your chances of taking life.

What is Food Astrology?

Food astrology provides information about people according to zodiac signs. Apart from this, the astrology of food and drink also covers the auspicious and inauspicious planets in the Kundli. Food astrology provides descriptive information about your food habits based on your zodiac sign. So, the right foods will bless you with prosperity, healthy well-being, and long life.

So if one wants to make any of his planets favorable, they can consume certain food items after knowing about Astrology Phone Consultation. Astrologers believe that eating thoughtfully and astrologically will bless you with the favorable effects of that planet, and help you overcome life’s adversities.

The Planets That Rule The Zodiac Signs And The Food Items They Rule


The lord of Leo is the planet Sun. If you look at the characteristics of the people of the Leo zodiac, then their behavior is aggressive with royalty. They are picky about their food and want it to be excellent, spicy, and hot. Therefore, if you want to strengthen your sun, then including spices like ginger and cayenne pepper in your diet will prove helpful. Fruits and vegetables also matter for this zodiac sign. And, they like them fresh and properly sliced. Also, if your Sun is weak, you can include salt in your diet. It will help you with weak bones and issues related to the stomach and heart.

Sun planets like the bitter taste. Therefore, consuming spicy food with many spices like black pepper, mustard, cinnamon, etc. Also, citrus fruits like peaches, grapes, plums, and oranges will strengthen your planet’s Sun. And, if you have a strong Sun, you will prefer food with a pungent taste. From the point of view of food, wheat is related to the Sun. According to food astrology, if you long for respect, name, fame, and physical strength, then you must include wheat in your diet. Also, if you want to strengthen your relationships, then according to astrology the inclusion of wheat will help.


The planet Moon rules Cancer. Cancerians are very passionate and like royalty and have flashy attitudes. As a water sign, they hardly like food with unusual ingredients. Food items like bread, cookies, etc. are their favorite. So if your Moon is weak then eat food like roti and rice. This will help you stay calm. Also, if you lack determination and have emotional problems, you can consume the above items.

You can also enhance the Moon’s energy in your life by consuming dairy products. Also, foods like sweet potatoes and potatoes will help. Foods that reflect motherly love, such as soups, comfort food, etc., will strengthen your Moon.


Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius and Pisces. If your Jupiter is strong then you will like oily, pungent, and sweet-tasting food. Be it ghee, or dry fruits, you will like it very much. Sagittarius has a strong personality. They like to be bold and like to rule over everyone in the best possible way. Pisces, on the other hand, likes to be active and loves change in anything. If you give them porridge, gourd curry juice, etc., they avoid eating such food. But if you give fried and crispy things, they will eat them with love.

Jupiter is weak, include garlic, tomato, and lemon in your diet. Also, you can have fruit juices that are fragrant and delicious. You can also eat iron-rich foods. However, the most effective food items to strengthen the energy of a weak Jupiter are gram flour and chana dal. This will provide you with the support of elders and help in gaining wisdom and knowledge.


According to astrology, Mars is the lord of Aries and Scorpio. And, the food should be full of spice and quality of taste. But, above all, he loves to eat chocolate and highly fried foods. More specifically, they prefer foods that are red and have a strong flavor. They are attracted by instant mouth-watering food. You should eat red-colored food to improve the energy of Mars in your horoscope. Tomatoes and red chilies also help in strengthening Mars. So, if you include any of these things, Mars will get stronger and shower its blessings in the best possible way.


Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini. And the people of these zodiacs like pungent taste. According to food astrology, the natives of Virgo and Gemini will enjoy cool and refreshing things with a sharp taste. Also, fruits like bananas, apples, and cranberries will improve the position of Mercury in your life. Gemini people personally like to eat fast food and quick bites. Snacks and food items like pizza, burgers,s, etc are what they love. On the other hand, Virgo people love to eat healthy things. However, all in all, both prefer the refreshing and strong flavor.


Venus is the lord of Libra and Taurus. That’s why the zodiac signs ruled by Venus like to eat sweets. They prefer a mixture of sweet and pungent flavors. According to astrology, they like the excessive taste. If your Venus is strong then you will like honey, sweet potato, etc. But if your Venus is weak then you should eat sweet fruits like figs, dates, mangoes, etc. Eating food made of ghee will increase the energy of Venus in your horoscope.


Saturn rules Aquarius and Capricorn. Both these zodiac signs like to enjoy bitter-tasting food. They prefer to eat less and lighter and often eat foods that aid in detoxification. Saturn rules over fruits like apples and pomegranates. Specifically, according to food astrology, Capricorns prefer foods that help in good health and well-being. If given to them, they are satisfied with even a simple plate. Vegetables are the best friend of Aquarius. He likes to eat salads with high-fiber food and leafy vegetables. Also, if you give them a light snack, they will be more than happy with it. Therefore, if Saturn is weak in your horoscope, then you should consume yellow lentils and cold and bitter things. Eating these for weak Saturn will solve problems related to feet in your daily life.

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