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5 Best In-App Chat APIs and Messaging SDKs You Should Know!

In this digital era, communication has become much easier, and businesses are moving towards White-Label Chat App to stay on top of internal interactions and customer service. Have you ever considered developing a Customizable In-App Chat App? If YES, a scalable voice chat API can help you build your chat platform successfully.

As we all know, Customizable in-app chat APIs have grown in popularity among app developers worldwide. Using APIs, you can build interactive features within customizable chat apps. Fortunately, the number of Voice Chat API Providers on the market has increased, making it more difficult for developers to select the best one for their app.

To make it simple, in this guide, we will explore the highlights of each Audio In-App Chat API Provider and rank them in the order of excellence.

Before we delve into the specifics, let’s define In-App Chat API first;

What Exactly is an In-App Chat API?

An in-app chat API is an application programming interface that gives users access to a cloud-based infrastructure, which has the features needed to build custom voice chat app experiences. Using a chat SDK (Software Development Kit), which is frequently offered as a service, it is easy to integrate chat APIs into an application. When compared to a messaging API, a chat API is entirely dedicated to offering features designed for web-based instant messaging, such as HTTPS and other protocols.

A chat API can be used in almost any context. No matter if you want to develop a customized in-app chat call app or a web-based experience, you can leverage a chat API to create an interesting, responsive chat for several use cases.

In-App Chat SDK: An Overview

In-App Chat SDKs are libraries created in certain programming languages (for example, Ruby, Java, or JavaScript) that allow for customizable in-app chat integration. An SDK provides language-specific access to the messaging platform, in contrast to the API, which only provides an HTTP interface. It frequently results in integration with more features than a message API could provide.

Overall, both Chat APIs and SDKs allow businesses to integrate pre-built real-time chat solutions into their current websites and apps. Pre-built, customizable in-app chat app features help businesses cut development expenses and avoid the expenditures of designing a solution from the start.

5 Best In-App Chat APIs and Messaging SDKs You Should Know!


MirrorFly is a top chat API and messaging SDK solution provider for businesses looking to set up a real-time communication platform across multiple interaction mediums. The messaging solution includes APIs that can be customized to integrate numerous communication channels such as video, voice, conference, and text into online and mobile apps. Their white-label chat online is highly-customizable, including functionality, design, theme, and so on.

Features of MirrorFly Chat Solution

  • In-app Chat
  • Voice Call
  • Push Notifications
  • Secure File Transfer
  • Multi Languages
  • End to End Encryption
  • Multi Channels
  • Advanced Search Filters

And much more.

Compatible Platforms: iOS, Android, and Web


With features like private chats, social interactions, push notifications, and more, Apphitect is the market leader in chat APIs. Apphitect’s customized chat API allows for zero-downtime integration of communication mediums on Android, iOS, and web apps. The Apphitect platform also includes virtual communication channels such as live audio calls, video calling, screen sharing, etc.

Features of Apphitect Messaging Solution

Push notifications

Offline messages

Geolocation tracking

Video Calling

Voice Calling

Multimedia sharing

Compatible Platforms: iOS, Android, and Web


CometChat provides a seamless chat experience within an existing app. Their SDKs are cross-platform, making it easy to optimize for a wide range of devices while minimizing time spent. Voice and video conferencing, online audio calls, media attachments, message searches, typing indicators, and the ability to modify or delete messages are all standard features of CometChat. End-to-end encryption ensures that all interactions are safe and confidential; other extensions make your chat functions more simple. However, users have reported delays in customer service, particularly in North America.

Features of Cometchat In-App Chat Platform

  • 1-1 & Group Conversations
  • Rich Media Attachments
  • Custom Messages
  • Typing Indicators

Compatible Platforms: iOS, Android, and Web


Talkjs is a chat API and SDK that allow developers quickly integrate conversation between users into their Android, iOS, and web apps. Their chat APIs provide messaging solutions that are fully featured, reliable, flexible, and cross-platform. The APIs work with any language and framework, including React, jQuery, Angular, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, and many more.

Features of Talkjs Real Time Chat API & SDK

  • Full conversation history
  • Chat Pop-up
  • Responsive Cross-browser UX
  • Multi-language support
  • Channels, Groups

Compatible Platforms: Mobile and web applications


PubNub is a prominent chat API provider that helps you build audio call apps/secure in-app chat for enterprises, where you can engage with customers and users instantly. PubNub’s chat API is specifically designed for in-app chat integration to increase user retention and engagement with the best messaging experience possible for every user. Their chat API includes advanced moderation tools to protect the community’s integrity through filters and tools.

Features of PubNub Chat API & SDK

  • Private chat
  • Multi-party group chat
  • IoT device chat
  • Real-time notifications
  • Ready-made UI components
  • Community chat streams

Compatible Platforms: Mobile and web applications


So, which In-App Messaging APIs and SDKs are best for you? Well, it all relies on a company’s demands and preferences. In this competitive marketplace.

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