English Vocabulary to learn in easy way

English Vocabulary
English Vocabulary
Word Meaning
Ponder  Consider thoughtfully and deeply, think carefully
Impregnable  Strong enough to resist, impossible to meet
Reckon  Perform calculation, count, consider, deal with
incisiveness  Clear and direct, accurate and sharply focused
Castigate  Criticise or punish severely,
Imperious  Arrogant and dictatorial
Steller  Composed of stars
Notched Cut, indentation on surface, achieve something
folly  unwise action, lack of understanding or sense
Smithereens Little shattered or small broken pieces
acclaim praise, honor, praise public and with enthusiastically
flake eccentric or crazy person, breaking into small thin pieces
accustomed usual or habitual
introspection look inside, examining and paying attention to your own ideas, thoughts and feelings
crux most important and crucial part, difficult or unresolved question
defiant resist with boldness, not willing to accept any criticism
Exemplified explain or clarify by giving an example, symbolize, representative of
Relentless determined, persistent, harsh, constant, strict
lackadaisical lethargic, lazy, lack of determination, idle, showing fewer efforts
Shackles limits, restrains, preventing you from doing what you want to do
chipped a very small piece of food, broken off pieces, something worthless
candour quality of being honest and true, straightforwardness, quality of being open
brink verge, critical point, crucial point, threshold, is about to happen
unpalatable uneatable, unpleasant, unappealing, dreadful, horrible, hateful, unattractive
dissenter protester, free thinker, a person who dissents
imbibe absorb, gain, learn, acquire, grasp, to drink especially alcohol
Pertinent suitable, applicable
Ample more than enough, plentiful
Implied Suggested, involved, indicated
Excel be proficient or good
Dynamic Bold, constant changing
Sector A particular field or area
Shun To expel from a duty or work
Quell To crush, suppress
Wonky Turned towards one side
Nostalgic homesickness, sentimental
Vague unclear, not clearly explained or understood
Rhetorical Oratorical, relating to, verbal, stylistic
Tangible real, touched
quixotic unrealistic or unpredictable
abjure belief or calm, avoid, shun, cause or refrain from
divulge reveal
crafted shape, blueprint, skill in making any object typically using hands
Gritty arduous, courageous or persistent, brave and determined
Evander Good man
Pervasive appearance, spread throughout, present, presence, attendance
cynical sarcastic, selfish
obsessive thinking about a particular thing all the time, excessive
cognitive mental process of knowing, learning and understanding, concerned with art of knowing, to get to know
squash beat, pulverize, powder, crush, pulp, mash,suppress, flatten or crush
cajole persuade, flattery to persuade someone to do something
discursive  knowledge obtained using logic rather intuition, passing or wandering from one topic to other
abstain stop, cease, prevention
scrumptious  delicious, splendid, very pleasing
furtive convert, sneak, secret and dirty
guise external appearance, form
hangry angry plus hungry
dismal darkness, upset and without hope, dreadful, terrible
eavesdrop listen private conversation without letting them knowing
lurid too brightly colored, terrible
paraphrase to restate the meaning of text or passage using others words
niche place, position or area which is suitable for someone, house
extempore speak without preparation
catholic member of roman catholic church
diligent To show Care
extol to praise someone ecclesiastically
feral Wild, Trained
impertinent Rude, disrespectful, uncivil
incisive Sharp, smart, quick
rife Global, Everywhere, epidemic
zenith Peak, the point of culmination, vertex
truculent Aggressive, cruel, ready to fight
staid respectable, traditional, quiet, serious
Prejudices damage
Infancy early childhood
Interfere block
Nuance variation
Manifestations display or demonstrate
Abate decrease, diminish
Semantic relating to meaning in language or logic.
Cognizant  having knowledge or awareness.
Enriched  improve
Tandem  having two things arranged one in front of the other.
Converse  engage in conversation.
Conflation the merging of two or more sets of information, texts, ideas, etc. into one
Ingest absorb
Predominance mastery
Multifaceted having many sides
Traction grip
Leverage grip, use (something) to maximum advantage
Conjunction  co-occurrence
Reprieve  cancel or postpone the punishment of (someone,  especially someone condemned to death).
Carnage  the killing of a large number of people
Butchery  murder
Savagery  the quality of being fierce or cruel.
Mincemeat  a state of destruction or annihilation
Imbue  saturate
Credence  acceptance
Facets  factor
Prevalent common
Abetted assist
 Multitude a large number of things or people
Sculpt model
Substantial notable
Recurrence the fact of occurring again
Counterfeit fake
acoustic related to sound or sense of hearing
Ostensible supposed
Assorted varying
Vital essential
Thrive flourish
Enlivened make something more entertaining or interesting
Intricate very complicated or detailed
Expulsion  removal
Commotion  disturbance
Enamor  to be filled with love
Incur  suffer
Ligature  thing used to bind something tightly
comprehensive  including or dealing with all or nearly all elements or aspects of something
Contingent  subject to chance, unexpected
Interim meantime
Extricate free from difficulty
Allude mention
Colossal extremely great
Envisioned visualize
Traversing travel across or through.
Agnostic  relating to
Intractable  not easily cured
Alleviate  reduce
Brevity concise and exact use of words in writing or speech.
Gigantic Exceedingly large in size
Mammoth of very great size
Penmanship quality or style of handwriting
Indulgence  the act of indulging in something
clotured closure
exhaustive full
rigorous careful, correct, precise
ubiquitous found everywhere
appetizer snack
blemishes fault
disruptive troublesome
combat battle
resonates full
fleeing run away from the place or situation of danger
Avid keen
daunting demoralizing
delimitate define
interpolating insert
clutter disarrange
artefacts An object made by a human being, typically one of cultural or historical interest
entailed require
strides march
myriad crowd
heck expressing surprise, frustration, or dismay



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  • I love word squash,cognitive as i have many time used this word. Secondly thing I loved about this article on vocabulary is that author has written most trending words and tried to explain different meaning of the same word which is great. Hopefully, i would love to see something like this more in the coming post. There is some improvement of English words after reading these one. I would also suggest you to take more words from editorial page of newspaper (The Hindu) so that you may write some more useful words.

    • I would congratulate and appreciate you for such nice words. When comments come authors or writers are highly inspired. I would take your feedback and will write more words from editorial page of newspaper. Further, I would write more post in the future with regard to English usage and pronunciation so that readers must get something more useful and relevant and help them in building great future ahead.

  • Dear Self awareness foundation, I am literally impressed by the way you write the articles and especially this article. Very useful words are chosen and their meaning has been explained in simple form. I would like to give you suggestions like read newspaper and find some good words from there and write their meaning here. My English is weak and these words are very helpful to me because i find these words most of the time especially vague, divulge and chipped. I would also bring into your notice that while you write try to write more trending words that come in many exam so that end readers or users may be more beneficial. but thanks for such good vocabulary.

    • Thanks @life is awesome. I would take every word said by you in the constructive way and will write more words according to papers and interviews.

  • I would like to write here that I am preparing for the IELTS and hence english is very important for me. These words are very effective words for me and is certainly improving my vocabulary to larger extent.
    Thanks for such words

    • Yes, I would add more english that may help you to clear IELTS. May be I would search for IELTS english vocabulary and will definitely update here.

  • Vocabulary is very important in reading comprehension and understanding words in the right manner. These words helped me a lot in understanding of new words in a better way. Thanks for this. I loved this.

  • English is an important part of life and we cannot clear exam unless we donot need it. This is why vocabulary is so important and reading above vocabulary gives me a lot of confidence. Thanks for such beautiful site and way vocab is present here is nice. Beauty of this post lies in the fact that for every word there are multiple answers which gives readers wider view and especially english is very simple to read and understand.

    • Thanks a lot for such words. From my part, I conclude that you have seen each word with keen observation. Thats great. Hope, you will continue to see this site in future also.

  • I would really appreciate self awareness foundation who has really worked hard and written some useful vocabulary. I want to bring into account that words like hangry are really new and i am excited to learn such word. Truly I do like niche, extempore as I have read these two words many times but I did not know their meaning till yet but reading here make me knowing their meaning easily. I would also criticize on the other hand by writing that words must be more effective and write some words which came in the exams so that we can gain knowledge and also help student like us in clearing exams

    With regards

    • Hello Mandeep, how are you. I am fine and thanks a lot for your consideration of this post and highlighting some of the words written here. I felt glad and next time I would take word meaning from some exams will post here. Also feedback of every person who read post are always welcomed.

  • I would like to write comments when I found the stuff useful and outstanding and this is the reason I am writing here. I liked this post because I am in the reading habit of reading newspaper and this vocabulary helped me in reading the editorial page of newspaper. On the other side I would suggest you to write such words which comes in many exams so that we can grow more interest in the post

    With Regards

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