If The Kindle Not Connect To Wifi Here What You Can Do

Photo by Lucas Benvenuto on Unsplash
Photo by Lucas Benvenuto on Unsplash

If you are looking for any books, magazines, newspapers, or any reading stuff you can easily go with the Kindle device. It is quite easy to carry, the features are impressive, very easy, and simple to use, simply Kindle is a great device.

Are you facing Kindle won’t connect to wifi issue? It’s okay, this is a very normal issue that you are facing. Most of the Kindle users face wifi connection issues so many times, it does not mean that your Kindle is out of the service. 

Yah, when the Kindle fire won’t connect to wifi, you would be unable to search anything, the device won’t work properly and we all know that without a strong internet connection it’s obvious that you will definitely face this issue. 

But do not worry, you are at the correct site for finding solutions to overcome this error. We will guide you if the Kindle not connect to wifi here what you can do. This article is going to help you a lot for sure. 

Can We Handle This Problem On Our Own? 

Yah sure, Kindle not connecting to wifi issue is not a very hard task to fix, there are few steps that you have to follow properly and after that, you will be for sure get free from all the hurdles that are troubling you. 

The steps are mentioned in the below mentioned fully informative article, dear users make sure to not skip any of the below-mentioned steps to overcome this problem on your own quickly. 

If Can’t Connect Kindle To Wifi Here Are The Best Way To Deal

Now, we will share some simple and effective steps with you that will definitely be going to help you in resolving the issue that you are facing. All you have to do is to properly follow the steps mentioned in the below section. 

Are you ready to fix this problem? Are you fully confident? This is actually what you need. So, without wasting more time just have a look below…

Disconnect The Network

Sometimes when we connect the wifi with our device, it does not get connected properly. But it’s okay, all you have to do is to disconnect the network and again reconnect it. 

NOTE: Do not immediately reconnect with the network wait for at least 8 to 10 seconds and after that reconnect again. 

Check The Strength Of The Wifi

Have you checked the strength of the wifi connection you are using? If not then check it right now. Make sure the speed of the internet must be strong. To test the speed of the internet just simply type on google. 

If the speed is low then follow the below points. 

  • Make sure there should be no barriers between your device and the router. Barriers like- Almirah, wall, or even a person}.
  • Also, ensure that not more devices are connected to the wifi router that you are using.

If still the speed of the wifi is low then just pick up your mobile phone and make a call to the wifi service provider. 

Check The Password

Most of the users made mistakes while entering the password. Are you entering a correct password? Just check it once. Make sure the password should be correct that you are typing.

Before typing the password, once look at the Num lock and Caps Lock key, make sure they were not turned on. If they are then kindly turn it off otherwise the password would be entered incorrectly. 

Check The Airplane Mode

Sometimes, airplane mode is turned on because of which the internet stops functioning. If you don’t know then let us clear you that turning on airplane mode may automatically turn off all the services of your mobile phone till you do not turn it off, A kind of do not disturb mode gets turned on. 

So, carefully check it, if the mode is turned on then kindly turn it off. 

Device Must Be Updated

Updating is a very important process for any device, if up-gradation did not take place then you face many of the hurdles. So, if your device is not updated then kindly update it right now. 

Restart The Device 

At the last, if you are still facing the Kindle won’t connect to wifi error, then just restart your device. Press the power button and let the screen go off. 

When the screen goes blank wait for hardly 2 or 3 minutes and after that just turn on your device again. 


We hope you will be from the Kindle not connected to wifi issue now and this is exactly what we want. Thank you for trusting us and showing your love to us. 

We respect the time you give this article. Enjoy your reading without any errors. 

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