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Peppa Pig coloring pages

Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig

“Peppa Pig” is a preschool animated television series created by Ashley Baker Davis. Pig originally came from the UK but he has become popular worldwide.

The show revolves around Peppa, an anthropomorphic female pig, and her life with her family and friends. And the series follows Peppa and her friends and family as they go about their daily activities. These cartoons live in their homes and are experts in their work. People around them are very happy with their qualities. Each episode features Peppa Pig’s everyday activities, such as swimming, visiting grandparents and cousins, going to playschool, or riding a bike.

Peppa Pig coloring pages

Now that you know some interesting facts about the series, it’s time to print out free    Peppa Pig coloring pages.

1: Peppa Pig:

Let us introduce you to Peppa, the main character of the series.

Pippa Pig is a small six-year-old female pig. And she lives in the same place with her mother, father, and younger brother George ۔She always enjoys playing with his best friend Suzy Shepp

Pippa loves jumping in mud puddles, laughing, and making loud noises.

Pig goes everywhere with his stuffed animal named Teddy. Although she sometimes loses him, Pippa loves Teddy very much.

2: George: (Peppa Pig Coloring Pages)

Let’s meet George.

George is Pippa’s younger brother. He is a 2-year-old male pig and loves to play with his older sister.

George is very fond of toys. Especially the dinosaurs. And he takes it with him everywhere. Actually, “Dine-saw!” was the first word George spoke. It is very happy when it is given food.

George is a pink-skinned pig with a short, curly pint tail. On TV, he is shown wearing a blue shirt.

3: Mummy Pig: 

Mimi Pugh’s real name is Amanda Pugh. Mummy Pig, just like Pippa, loves to play in mud pits.

He is a wise and intelligent pig. Daddy is more adept at reading maps than Pig.

4. Daddy Pig: (Peppa Pig Coloring Pages)

Daddy Pig is a happy companion and they are very happy when he plays with his children.

The Pig works as an architect. He loves chocolate cookies and cakes and can never miss them.

He is a light turquoise-colored pig and has a brown mustache. She is shown wearing a dark turquoise dress on TV.

5. Granny and Grandpa Pig:

Grandma Boco Pig is a caring grandmother and loves all her grandchildren. Her color is light pink and she wears a pink dress and black shoes.

Grandpa is very fond of gardening. He lets Pippa and George help him in the garden. He has pale pink skin and is shown wearing an indigo shirt and black shoes.

6. Jessie Pig: (Peppa Pig Coloring Pages)

Jess is a baby Peggie who wears a pink pencil with white dots.

The blue pillow is Jess’s favorite toy. Jake the pig likes to eat cheese chips and drink milk.

7. Alexander:

His favorite color is yellow and he always wears yellow like his sister Chloe.

Alexander is a baby pig who is still learning to speak. He can only say words like goo and puddles.

8. Danny Dog: (Peppa Pig Coloring Pages)

Here you can see Danny the Dog dressed as a pirate. Danny Dog has a prominent role in this show. And he is a close friend of Peppa Pig.

Danny is a well-thought-out dog.

Danny is a dark brown dog with small ears and a nose.

9. Candy Cat:

Here is the Candy Cat coloring sheet. When she has to go to a show and she wears turquoise clothes.

Candy is a very good friend of Pippa Pig. Its distinctive sound is a meow.

She is famous for mimicking lions, as it is said that the cat is the tiger’s aunt.

10. Family: (Peppa Pig Coloring Pages)

The coloring sheet shows a happy family sharing and enjoying each other’s company over a warm meal.

This coloring sheet will hopefully get your child in the mood for a healthy snack as well.

11. Peppa and George:

George is so in love with his stuffed dinosaur that he doesn’t part with it even when he sleeps.

The coloring sheet highlights the bond that a sister shares with her brother.

12. Let’s Go:

This is Pippa’s cousin Chloe’s coloring sheet. She is Alexander’s elder sister.

Chloe is about two years older than Pippa Pig. This pink-skinned pig is always shown wearing yellow in the series.

Whenever she faces any problem but the Pippa always comes to Chloe and solves the problem.

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