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What is SEO and its types and importance

What is SEO and its types and importance
What is SEO and its types and importance

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. It was first started in 1991.

What is SEO?

Any business owner or blogger or website owner wants his website or blog to rank top in Google, Bing, Yahoo, search engine or in any search engine above some specific keywords and the activities that any blog or website owner does in order to rank in the top, then we call that activities as ‘search engine optimisation’.

To understand this better, we can say that every blogger website owner tries to write the blog or post or content that maximum number of people can read. There should be more traffic on it, which will increase its income, but the question is, where will the traffic come from?

So the answer is “search engines”. Now we have to know what is a search engine? So that’s the answer we need a medium for any online information. Although, everything is available in the internet, but there are millions of websites and blogs in the world from which we have to find someone, then the search engine is the medium between the same countless websites and us which shows any information by searching in front of us.

Algorithms are set in the search engine, which finds various information even among such a crowd and the website in which the search engine optimization is done, it shows the same rank.

For example- Suppose, if we want to know about ‘Mobile’ from Google, then we will search what is ‘Mobile’? Now all the blogs related to the word Google ‘Mobile’ in the search results.

Now we will see a lot of different websites that have written posts about ‘Mobile’. Then it is our human nature that we will open that website or blog which will be at no. 1st. If we are not satisfied with this information, then we will provide information about the ‘Mobile’ by opening the blog of 2nd and 3rd no.

And in the same way, the SEO that is blogged at the first number in the search result is strongest, so it is ranking at the first number position.

Importance of SEO:-

(1)The SEO is required to remove access to the content.

(2)To make the content or blog posted by us reach as many people as possible, it is necessary to keep it at the top so that there can be more crowd there, so that our post shows in good position in the search engine.

That is, it is necessary for us to come on the first page in the search engine in order to reach our words to more people because these are the pages that visitors like and trust more. And for all these processes we need “SEO”.

(3)Though “SEO”, we are able to bring our blog or website to number 1st rank on the search engine of Google, Bing, yahoo, Ask or any other platform which increase the number of visitors and our website is at the top of the search result, then internet users visit our site first and the more visitors we have, the more popular we are and the income is also good, that is the way the use of “SEO” is very important.(1)The SEO is required to remove access to the content.

(4)Without “SEO” we can’t rank our website well. No matter how well it was made.

Types of SEO– It is mainly of three types.

(1)On page SEO– All the changes that we make on our website or blog are called ‘On page SEO’. For example – Changing title, changing website, using image, how to big write the content, how many characters to write, what to write the word, how to write unique content. We do all these things in On Page SEO.

(2)Off Page SEO– All those actions that we do not on the blog or website but do it elsewhere or, you can say that after publishing the post, the optimization techniques we use to rank it is called ‘Of Page SEO’. For ex- Back-linking.

(3)Technical SEO– This was mainly Google’s guidelines. We manage the technical concepts of our website and the way I do it is to follow the guidelines of Google or any other search engine.

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