Famous food items of India Part III

Famous food items of India Part III
Taste of India

19. Delhi: Makhani Chicken so called Murgh Makhani originated in the early 50 at the Moti Mahal Restaurant in Daryaganj, a neighbourhood of delhi inside the walled city of old Delhi. Taste is slightly sweet and sauce penetrate so deeply into the chicken pieces that they become juicy and soft. Best served with tandoori roti or naan.

Famous food items of India Part III
Indian Cuisine Star Creation

20. Gujrat: Rice Panki, very light weight and healthy item. It is served in banana leaves which makes it more attractive and traditional. Ingredients includes Flour rice, urad dal, curd, chilli ginger paste, ghee, roasted cumin seed, oil for greasing banana leaves and turmeric powder. Very delicious to eat when served with masala chana dal.

Famous food items of India Part III
Traditional dish of India

21. Maharashtra: Thalipeeth, a multi grain flat cake. Dough used for making paste contains roasted sabudana, amaranth, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, wheat and rice which makes it highly nutritious and healthier. Vegetables and spices are added while kneading dough.

Famous food items of India Part III
Highly nutritious

22. Goa: It is a melting point of different cultures and nationalities. Therefore, Goa has distinct way of life. Even though modern conveniences are available but majority of population prefers traditional way of cooking. Food is most inspired by religion. Bebinca is Goa’s most famous sweet. Basically, it is a multi layered cake made from egg, cocunut milk, sugar and ghee. Proper care is taken as new layer is added only after the previous layer is properly cooked. Both cold and hot form are delicious. Traditionally served at Christmas.

Famous food items of India Part III
Cake from Goa

23. Assam: It has many favorite dishes like khaar, duck meat curry, maasor tenga, aloo pitika, Ou Khatta and many more. Assam is a heaven for all non-vegetarian lovers but on the same side is rich in many herbs and delicate flavours. Here I am focussed on Khaar which is made using raw papaya, pulses ans a non vegetarian product like fish. One of the peculiar characteristic of this dish is water is passed through ashes of dried banana.

Famous food items of India Part III
Peculiar taste

24. Arunchal Pradesh: Fried food is not preferred there as people love to eat boiled food. Rice us a staple food. Rice is cooked over hot coal which makes it more tasty. Other main food items includes bamboo shoot which is used with dishes of boiled vegetables, meat, chutneys and pickles

Famous food items of India Part III
Bamboo shoot front and Rice back

25. Nagaland: Rice, pork, dog, insects and vegetables becomes an important part of nagaland cuisine.Smoked pork stew is an important dish where pork is chopped into pieces and boiled in a thin soup which includes potatoes, tomatoes and chillies. Pig is an important part of naga cuisine hence roasted intestines is another favorite item.

Famous food items of India Part III
Pork Stew and Roasted Intestines

26. Manipur: is also called as “Jewelled land” because of its natural beauty. Main ingredients of its cuisine are organic hence very healthy diet. In a nutshell, people eat rice, fish, leafy vegetables, herbs like mint, cloves, pepper and basil. Here I am writing famous food item vegetable stew- Kangshoi which is a vegetable stew. Seasonal vegetables are boiled and flavored with sliced onions, ginger. Best served with rice or fish which is a staple item.

Famous food items of India Part III
Organic and healthier

27. Meghalaya: The cuisine of meghalaya is different from other seven sisters. Staple food is rice with meat. Meat of fowl, ducks, cows and goat is consumed. Popular dish includes Jadoh rice, Ki Kpu, Tung-rymbai and pickled bamboo shoots.

Famous food items of India Part III
Special Taste rice

28. Tripura: Mui Borok name is given by the people of tripura as they love this very much. Tripura favorite fish is Berma. Speciality of this dish lies in its cooking style which is cooked without food. Berma is spicy and salty which enhances tongue taste and is very healthy.

Famous food items of India Part III
Healthy without oil

29. Mizoram: Mizo people prefer no-vegetarian diet though vegetables are also a part of their cuisine. Staple food is rice which is served with fish. People donot like oily food. Famous dishes includes Misa Mach Poora, Panch Phoron Taarkari. Here let me write something about Misa Mach Poora. Dish is so nicely prepared and served that even thought of writing waters my mouth. Cooked with shrimps, onions, coriander, corns and lime juice. Taste is very delicious and yummy.

Famous food items of India Part III
Mizo taste

As I covered all famous dishes from India.

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