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What is WordPress is and how to use it to create a website or blog

What is WordPress is and how to use it to create a website or blog
What is WordPress is and how to use it to create a website or blog

Friends, if you want to make a career in blogging, then it is most important for you to know what WordPress is and how to use it to create a website or blog. Why is it the most popular? What are the features of WordPress that makes it so special among website owners or bloggers around the world. Today we will try to know this thing through this article.


1.What is WordPress?

2.How many types of WordPress are there?

3.What is and What are the advantages of WordPress?

4.How to make website on WordPress?

5. Conclusion

So friends, first of all let us know today what is WordPress? Friends, if you want to create a website of your own and you are worried about which platform to build a website on, then WordPress is a great platform for this. WordPress is an open source and free CMS which we call as Content Management System. It is used to create arrangements and blogs. Using WordPress we can create a great website.

WordPress is the best platform to make a career in blog or website. WordPress is developed in PHP programming language and MySQL. WordPress was started on 27 May 2003 by mike-little and malt Mullen. In today’s time, it has become the world’s most popular and best website and blog making platform. Many big companies use WordPress to create their official website.

WordPress is the most powerful user platform in the world where we can create a website or blog without any technical knowledge. Apart from this, there are many other CMS like Joomla, duple, tumbler etc. But the World Press is used extensively.

We can know its popularity from the fact that only WordPress is used to build more than 60 million or more than 30% of the websites in the whole world. Being an open source project, thousands of users all over the world are upgrading the code of WordPress and improving and improving that code. Thousands of themes, plug-ins and widgets help you to create a website.

Moreover, we can create not only blogs but every type of website with WordPress. It can be downloaded for free from the internet, which we can install on our web server and create a blog or website in a very easy way. With the help of WordPress, you can create a website without coding and programming.

We can easily do all the work related to the website on WordPress. For example, you can change the design of your website by installing any theme of your choice. You can add new features by installing plugins. Apart from this, we can create not only blogs but also all types of websites with WordPress alone.

So friends, let us know today that how many types of websites can be created with this.

1.Job Portal

2.Static Website

3.Personal Website


5.Business Website

6.College/School Website,

7.Business Directory

8.Coupon Website

9.E_commerce Site


11.Question Answer Website Site

13.Social Network Forum

14.Online Course Selling Website

15.Photo Gallery


17.Affiliate Website

18. Multilingual Website

19.Review Site

20.Real Estate Website

21.Online Email Website.

Friends, we should know that there are two different platforms of WordPress on the Internet or say that there are two types of WordPress. and There are a lot of differences between these two, so let us first talk about

WordPress.org_ If you want to create a professional website or blog then is a good platform. Big bloggers all work on this. Friend here let me tell you that this is a pad service. That’s because you have to buy web hosting and domain to make a website here. By the way, it is an open source platform which is hundred percent free for all. You just have to buy hosting and domain name to use it and by installing it, you can start a website or blog. Control over this site will also be entirely yours.

There is no restriction on monetising your blog on Whether it is google analytics code or google ad-sense or other methods. Here you yourself are responsible for your blog security and have to do new updates yourself. It is freely used because of its free software and ease of use. You can design the theme as per your choice using HTML and CSS. Full customisation is allowed here. Friends, if we talk about, then we cannot customise it and it is not self-hosted either. At, we are able to create a blog for free. Where we do not need domain and web hosting. We are given limited features to work on it. On, we create a blog in the same way as Google’s It is a managed WordPress platform where anyone can create a website for free but it cannot be completely under your control.

Here we have to buy its premium plan to remove Only after that we can use the name of our choice. Friends, here we have to follow the terms and conditions of WordPress to make a website. If we violate any of the terms, we may also get our account closed without notifying us. is the best platform for new blogger or just for your hobby. Here we can not use any tracking code and google analytics. And monetising the website is also not allowed.

By looking at these two platforms of WordPress, it is known that has more facilities. Such as_ complete control, monetisation, customisation. Whereas software has been made for profit only. And here we get more features  not and also, condition restrictions are also here. If you want to make a blogging website, then is more suitable.

Advantages of World Press

Here we will learn about the advantages of Word Press, a better website building platform than other software making platforms. So let’s know friends what are the benefits of WordPress.

Long Term Blogging _ If friends, you are interested in writing content and have good writing skills and you want to earn long term from online blogging, then WordPress is the best blogging platform. Being an open source CMS_ Content Management System CMS, we do not need any kind of license to use it. By using it to create a professional blog or website, we can do our work easily.

WordPress User Friendly – ​​WordPress functions user friendly. WordPress is easy to use as well as being optimised for a blogger or website maker. In WordPress we can create website even without coding knowledge. There is no need to be a developer for this. Here we are given proper instructions for everything so that the user does not face any problem in understanding.

Low cost in WordPress– We don’t have to spend a lot in WordPress to make a website. We can easily create a website at low cost. Although many things are given for free in it. Here you can make a site like online shopping for about 10 12000 only. All we have to do is buy domain and hosting. If told, it is the cheapest to build a website in WordPress as compared to all other methods. Good feature of SEO_ The most important thing in WordPress is that it also has a good feature of SEO available to the user. SEO is very important for a blogger and developer to rank the website. We rank our website in SEO, WordPress. With the help of seo, plugin and yoast seo you can easily do it. It also has the facility of meta description, keywords, title, tags etc.

Having a Plugin in WordPress_ Plugins is one of the important things in Word Press. Whatever you are creating a website in word press, whether it is creating an online shopping site or creating a contract form, the plugin plays an important role in everything. As far as you can design a professional website in social media with the help of plugins . Themes in the Website: Themes in Press To make your website beautiful in WordPress, thousands of themes are present in the themes directory, which you can use to make your website attractive. Although three default themes are already provided in WordPress. Here you can also upload your theme by clicking on a button that gets applied.

User Management – ​​In WordPress, the website can also be managed by creating a team of many people. Friends, in WordPress, when multiple users are working on our website, then we also have to define permissions for each user like admin, editor, author etc. according to their work and this work is very easily possible on this platform.

Multi Language _ You can also use the language of your choice in WordPress. This platform can support more than 70 languages. Media Management _ Any type of content or image we can easily upload here. The most important thing is that some basic tools are also present here for image editing.

How to make a website on WordPress Friends, there is a question in everyone’s mind about creating a website on WordPress, how to make it because earlier to make a website, we needed the help of the developer and it was also necessary to have knowledge of coding. And in earlier times we did not have CMS, but in today’s time through CMS we can make a good website with less knowledge. WordPress is the most user friendly of the CMS. In this we do not need coding. Themes, plugins, pages, etc. everything remains in word press where we just have to install and use it properly. In WordPress, we can create any website by customizing it well. We can easily create the biggest and best website.

Conclusion _So friends, through this article, we have learned what is WordPress and how it is used to create a website. I hope that all the information proves helpful for you in using WordPress

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