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What is yoast seo and how to use yoast seo in WordPress

Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO

What is yoast seo and how to use yoast seo in WordPress. Today we will discuss the same thing through this tutorial. friends Today we are going to tell you how important yoast seo is for a new blogger. yoast SEO is the most popular and best SEO plugin. People who are using WordPress. They would know about it.

1.What is content yoast seo?

2. key features of yoast seo plugin

3. content and optimisation yoast seo works? to use yoast seo in WordPress


yoast seo is the best plugin to optimise our content and website with lots of features like meta description, focus key word, title, tag, XML sitemap, content analysis etc. It is best to use the yoast plugin to easily optimise your content and rank it in search engines. This is the most popular and best seo plugin of WordPress.

Yoast SEO is active on more than 4 million WordPress websites. It provides a good tool set to rank our content better in search engines. We have both version free and pad available of yoast seo plugin. If we want to use advanced features then we have to upgrade to premium version for that. Anyway, the free version is enough for the site anyway.

Key Features of yoast seo plugin

1.Provides focus keywords for the content.

2 .SEO also provides title and meta description for the post.

3.robots text & .ht-access file edit option

4. Sitemap creation facility

5. Automatic internal linking (Premium)

6. synonym and related key phrases

7. Also provides image seo, video seo, news seo.

Optimising content

So friend, let us see what things have to be done in content optimisation

Focus Key Phrases The most important point of SEO technique and the first step of any content is the focus key phrase. Based on this keyword, the yoast plugin analyses our entire content. Here by focus keyword we mean target keyword based on which we want to rank in search engine. Work and readability check with latest google algorithm our content to show in google search engine yoast seo allows to see a snippet preview . According to readability, yoast seo also gives us readability score for whether it is easy or not. Moreover, the plugin also works on the latest Google algorithms.

SEO analysis- The content you are posting in WordPress reads the entire yoast seo and the rank of seo is measured according to its focus keyword, distribution of keywords, title and alt text given in the content

create XML sitemap- In WordPress, we do not need any other website or app to create sitemap of our site. Because XML sitemap comes with features yoast built in, that’s why you get permission to create sitemap of the site. For this, first you have to click on general>>feature>>XML sitemap.

support and extension- As far as support is concerned, yoast seo free version does not support anything. For this you have to upgrade to its premium version. There are many features of yoast seo premium, the main ones are multiple focus keyword, redirect manager, content insights, internal linking suggestion, 1st year free access to 24/7 support.

configuration and installation- We have to install yoast seo on our site by visiting the WordPress plugin page. But if we want to take its pad service, then we have to download it from its official site. There are many settings available in yoast seo plugin which is divided into different tabs. There is no problem in its setup.

We can see suggestion in yoast seo in three primary colours.

Green- Green colour means the contact is fully optimised.

Orange- Orange colour means that the contact needs further improvement. It is not optimized well.

Red – And red colour means the content is not optimised at all.

How does yoast seo work?

yoast seo is a great plugin for word press. Through this we can improve our content. We do not need any technical knowledge to do this. Bloggers or website makers in general can easily use it on WordPress. Although seo is important to rank any website in search engines, but in such a situation, if there is a plugin which is related to seo, it helps us a lot. For this reason it is important to know what yoast seo is and why it is used in WordPress.

How to use yoast seo in WordPress?

To use yoast seo in WordPress

1. we first have to do yoast seo by going to the WordPress dashboard.

2. Then click on the Plugin tab.

3. Now we have to click on add new post and type yoast plugin in the search.

4. Then yoast plugin has to be installed and activated when it comes.

5. Once activated, the seo tab will appear in the dashboard from which to use.


Friends, from all the information given above, now you must have understood what is yoast seo and how to use it in WordPress. yoast seo is the best plugin in word press. I recommend that you use it in your website. It is also easy to use. I hope you guys liked this information and it will help you a lot in optimising the content.

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